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Eve online low slot shield modules

eve online low slot shield modules

eve:ship_modules:shield_low_modules Shield Low Slot Modules Passive module which increases shield recharge while decreasing total. To further discussion on the subject, shield tanked ships usually use modules in the mid slots, so something like a Heron might not have as  Gallente Shield Tanked Now? - Ships & Modules. The following influence the passive shield tank. Unit, Slot, Capacitor Drain, Effect, Notes. Shield Extender, mid, -, Capacity, increases Signature Radius. Core Defense Field Extender, rig, -, Capacity  ‎ Shield Recharge Rate · ‎ Initial Fit · ‎ Shield Power Relays · ‎ Core Defense Purger Rigs.


EVE Online - fitting questions eve online low slot shield modules

Nun: Eve online low slot shield modules

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Android spiele kostenlos downloaden All other things being equal, the Drake, with its large shield capacity and very fast recharge time, would make the best candidate for a passive shield tank. Toolbox What links here Related changes Special pages Printable version Permanent link. Website template designed by Andreas Viklund. Content is available under Creative Commons. Only use flux coils if you're active shield tanking.
Eve online low slot shield modules The usual starting point is to try to fill several low slots with Shield Power Relay modules, several mid slots with Shield Extender modules, and to fit all three rig slots with Defense Field Purger rigs. Passive Shield Tanking usually requires more slots to do effectively than AST or Armor Tanking, or cross-level slots. A couple of PvP fits on page 18; the Scythe is a Minmatar Tech 1 casino cosmopol ship that specialises in remote shield boosting. No boosting, no capacitor to worry about, nada. Speaking of boosters, the "Blue Pill" range of boosters adds bonuses to the repair amount of shield boosters. Retrieved from " https:
Eve online low slot shield modules Ad blocker interference detected! This page has been accessedtimes. Capacitor Power Relays are a low slot module that greatly increases capacitor recharge, which would be an active shield tanker's dream, except that to balance this capacitor power relays apply a penalty to shield boost amount when fitted. The trouble you run into is that Passive Tanking is kinda exponential. The most important part of an active shield tank is the shield booster.


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